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Eyelash Foam Wash 50 ml


PROFFESIONAL USE As an eyelash extension technician you know that well cleaned lashes before applying a new set will have a better adhesive retention. The extensions will “last forever” thanks to o..

NEW Power Low-odors Glue 10 ml


Medical Grade Power Low Odors Long Last Pink Cap Glue (most popular) is suitable for classic and volume lashes application. It is a strong and long lasting adhesive. The glue is with low odors which m..


Volume Single Mixed 3D Lashes C/D/L/LC/LD/LU/M/M+ 0.07 mm.

9.80€ 14.00€

These lashes are ultra light which gives you the ability to adhere more than one volume lash per one of your natural lashes and that is why they don’t damage them. Extremely lightweight, thin, soft an..

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