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Do you want to have long and thick eyelashes, looking perfect, without using mascara? Do you get sick of trying to thicken your eyelashes using different lotions? And never get the desired effect? Well, we can assure you that it is possible to have gorgeous eyelashes without wasting time and efforts. Moreover, you will be irresistible.

Do believe us! You are on the right place. May your dreams come true.

Еuropean Beauty Concept offers you an alternative to artificial eyelashes and expensive eyelash treating products. Eyelash extensions are especially designed for ladies trying to accentuate their individual aura. Eyelash extensions are the new discovered approach which will help you look charming all around the clock. In addition, our site offers not only high quality eyelash extensions but up-to-date information for them. We will start from the scratch; first we will explain you why the eyelash extensions are the best way to thicken you eyelashes. Next, we will inform you step by step – how to choose on your own the most suitable eyelash extensions for your type of face and curve of the eye; what is the best clue for eyelash extensions and so on. We will get you acquainted with other people’s opinion and experience with eyelash extensions.

But it is not over. It is important that our clients are well and fully informed. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions? Do you know how to maintain properly your eyelash extensions? Please, follow our site and soon you will be an expert in eyelash extensions and their great variety.

There is no matter whether you are looking for eyelash extensions for business or private use. Our online store offers only high quality eyelash extensions, both wholesale and retail trade. Because we know exactly what a lady needs and how delicate is the skin near the eye zone. Our eyelash extensions are quality assured and reliable.

Make sure for yourselves in the supremacy of our eyelash extensions. Call us on the telephone numbers stated below or use the online form. We believe that reliability of our eyelash extensions is as important as the high quality service.

We look forward to seeing you!

Why Choose Us As Your Permanent Makeup and Eyelash Extension Shop?

European Beauty Concept gives you several advantages over other methods you can use to get the items you need for permanent makeup and lash extension wholesale.

With us you get:

  • High quality pigments and lashes made in-house: choose the highest standards in quality, with pigments which don’t red-fade and lashes which don’t uncurl.
  • A huge selection of products: select from the ranges of leading manufacturers, as well as our own premium grade products.
  • Complete convenience: the items you’ve selected are quickly delivered to your door.

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Use Us to Supply Your Business

We supply solo operators across the world, as well as a wide variety of businesses at home and abroad, including:

  • Private label customers
  • Beauty schools
  • Makeup artists
  • Beauticians
  • Pedicurists
  • Hair salons
  • Beauty salons
  • Spas

And many more. No matter what sort of business you operate, if you need permanent makeup equipment or eyelash extensions and supplies wholesale, European Beauty Concept can supply you – quickly, easily, and reliably.