Popular as they are, eyelash extensions have been and still are subject to constant enhancement and sophistication. Their updating is in a direct correspondence with the overall modern fashion tendencies in make-up, hair and cosmetics.

Basically, the trends in eyelash extensions focus on volume and length with fluctuating prevalence on either. Additionally, however, the trends reflect the compliance to the the well-established extension styles and the material preference, as well as the precision and refinement of their fixation.

The eyelash extensions of the 2018 are intended to be the perfect match to the beautifully shaped eyebrows, the exceptionally long and mane-like hair and the brighly-coloured eye shadows in being thick and long. In comparison with the aspiration to rather long than voluminous lashes in 2017, the current trend puts more emphasis on the thickness. Yet, the new tendency continues to follow the look of the “smudgy eye” at the expense of the “smokey eye” from the recent past. Another aspect it sticks to is the maintenance of the boosting rather than the dominant effect on the natural lashes. The ultimate goal of the new trend is the most “natural” but “dramatic” look.

In regards to the eyelash extensions styles – the “cat eye”, “the open eye”, “the doll eye”, the “staggered lash”, most attention is placed on the achievement of the last one. The more the regular lash line is broken, the better and the more natural the look will be. Extension clusters/ lash fans/, are fixed along the natural lashes curve-line at different lengths and some space is to be obligatorily left among them to create the impression of the naturally wide eye.

The tendency for eyelash extensions raw materials is for thinness and refinement. A special emphasis is put on the animal-free products, the reasons being both the care for animals and the frequent occurrence of allergies, as well as their specific upkeep. The leading example of avoiding animal-origin raw material in eyelash extensions is Japan, whose initiative is being closely followed by more and more countries worldwide.

New dimensions are also seen in eyelash extensions application. Instead of the previous technique of placing only one extension an a separate natural lash, the new trend is to fix a couple of the super thin and light extensions together on the natural one. What is attained successfully is not only the desired effect of thickness but also that of the “staggered length”.

Although 2018 haute couture fashion boasts some brave suggestions for eyelash extensions such as some flamboyant colour highlights and feathers or techno and light devices, which are scarcely daily-applicable, the more user-friendly ideas address particularly the individual and his idiosyncrasy – his unique face, nose, eyes and eyebrows etc. Experimenting is welcomed by the modern 2018 trends provided it is based on a precise lash-mapping decision on the most suitable effect corresponding to the natural eyelashes. Any discrepancy is undesirable. In this respect, the “cat eye” effect is not suitable for wide-set eyes, nor is the “doll eye” recommendable for round-shaped eyes. The 2018-fashionable “staggered” effect is not advisable for naturally thin and scanty eyelashes. On a very individual note is also the tendency to use mascara – it is solely based on the individual’s preference whether or not to put it on the extensions, as long as the colour or the impression of it is absolutely dark.

The leading models of exquisite eyelash extensions continue to be Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Katie Perry, Kylie Jenner but blindly copying is not a wide decision due to the variety of facial features and peculiarities.

All in all, the fashionable trends for eyelash extensions in 2018 aim at a naturally dramatic way of asserting a woman’s unique personality and provoking admiration for it.

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