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Achieve the most natural permanent makeup effect with these inks. This high quality permanent makeup ink pigment is available in a wide variety of shades and colours, and is fully stable. This latter fact makes it perfect for permanent or semi-permanent application beneath the skin.

European Beauty Concept only stocks products formulated with the highest stability in mind. This safeguards against unwanted colour changes, resulting in a product which is non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-sensitising.

Product Description

Liquid pigment inks such as this are used for permanent application of patterns, shades, or designs under the skin. Premium products in this category are always going to be the preferred choice by professional beauticians, as using other varieties can result in gradual fading of the pigment.

Why Choose This Type of Ink Formulation?

There are different types of product like this created by several different permanent makeup ink pigment manufacturers. The ones we favour are optimised for stability. In order to achieve this, they are created using pharmaceutical grade ingredients of the highest purity. This means that they can be relied upon not to irritate, sensitise, or to produce any of the phototoxic or genotoxic effects which can result if the skin recognises the ink as a substance foreign to the body. European Beauty Concept‘s products are designed to fully integrate however, so this will never be an issue.

The combination of minerals found within the ink can assist in the healing process too.

Types of Permanent Makeup Ink Pigment We Offer

Source your permanent makeup ink pigment manufacturers through European Beauty Concept, and choose from premium grade products with a wide range of colours available, including those needed for:

  • Eyebrow pigment: eyebrow inks tend to come in cooler shades. Our range features Light Golden Brown # 1, Golden Brown # 2, Dark Golden Brown # 3. and Brown Black # 4. All of which will never make red shades, or cause the red-fading effect. For a warmer shade, we suggest Honey Brown # 5.
  • Lips pigment: Natural Lips # 1, Real Red # 2, Dark Brown # 7, Mocha # 9, and Brown Lips # 10 are all warmer shades, highly recommended for use as lip inks.
  • Eyeliner pigment: these also tend to favour cooler shades.
  • Colour correction pigments: we stock a number of options suitable for correcting the red fading effect. We usually suggest Grey # 6 or Grey # 7, but for a full range of red correction options, we suggest Anti Grey # 10, Grey # 6, Grey # 7, Orange # 10, and Mustard # 10.

Tips For Application and Use

If you need to better control the final result you achieve with your permanent makeup ink pigment, consider using powder pigment as an added ingredient. Apply a small quantity of the powder pigment to your liquid pigment and you’ll notice a visibly superior highlighting effect, as well as a more natural final appearance.

Use a higher concentration of powder pigment within your liquid pigment when you need to deal with skin which doesn’t accept colouring so easily. Using higher concentrations of powder pigment will also lead to a longer-lasting effect than ink-based colouring alone.

Additional Information

All colours are optimised for consistency, and the highest quality and hygiene standards are always achieved in the creation of these products. These standards are laid out in the industry’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, as well as the 93/42/EEC Directive, class II b, concerning medical devices.

After manufacture, all batches of product are tested in a certified microbiological laboratory to ensure their quality. This results in a pharmaceutical standard of product being created. Note: no human or bovine products are used at any point in the manufacturing process.