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Product Description

All of these items are designed to be used in combination with each other and a full manual set of permanent makeup application tools.
These are the additional parts and hand method permanent makeup accessories which you’ll need to apply permanent makeup using a manual method.

European Beauty Concept only stocks the highest quality of disposable permanent makeup accessories, including 7 point, 9 point, and 12 point needles, a needle hand-piece, eyebrow tweezers, and the various liquid inks and powder pigments which will be applied using the method.

Why Choose Hand Application?

The biggest benefit cited by those who’ve experienced the treatment themselves is that the manual method results in far less pain than the machine method. Because it uses less power the skin can recover faster, with many users able to carry on with their lives immediately – even directly onto a night out – rather than needing to wait for the skin to heal.

Types of Hand Method Permanent Makeup Accessories We Offer

European Beauty Concept offers you a number of different permanent makeup accessories designed for hand application:

  • 7, 9, and 12 point needles: choose the grade of needle that you need from a range of options.
  • Eyebrow liquid pigment colours: we offer five different shades of liquid eyebrow ink pigments, suitable for any and all complexions.
  • Eyebrow powder pigment colours: powder pigments are usually used in combination with liquid colours to create the perfect shade ready for application.
  • Other accessories: such as the tweezers needed for eyebrow plucking before makeup application, and needle holders to make prolonged use of needles both more accurate and more comfortable.

Tips For Application and Use

Most professional beauticians will recommend that you add a small amount of powder pigment to the liquid ink in order to gain better control over the final result. This will mean that you get a significantly better-looking highlighted effect, as well as a more natural one.

Skin types which don’t accept pigment colouring so readily can also be handled in this fashion – create a higher concentration of the correct shade using additional powder, and you’ll end up with a longer-lasting final result.

Additional Information

Like all of the products stocked by European Beauty Concept, all of our hand kit accessories are just the sort of high quality items you need as a professional beautician. All are disposable in nature too, so there’s zero chance of cross contamination.