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Product Description

All products listed here are the most effective and reliable of their kinds, hand-selected from the ranges of leading suppliers by experienced beauticians.
Select from a range of precision permanent makeup machines chosen from the ranges of the top manufacturers. Here you’ll find a number of different models of machine, including hand infusion tools, microblading tools, digital rotary machines, and coil machines.

Buy permanent makeup online, and everything you need to apply it, from European Beauty Concept.

Which Permanent Makeup Machine Should I Choose?

This will depend on the technique you’ve been trained in, and on your preference for permanent makeup application technique:

Microblade tools, for example, are currently very much en vogue for the industry, and are based on the venerable hand infusion – or hand method – tool which traces its roots back into the hand-tapped tattoos of antiquity.

Coil machines are what many people think of when they imagine a “tattoo machine” – they are ever-present within the industry, and represent a tough, no-nonsense option. Digital rotary machines are advanced tools even suitable for clinical use.

Types of Permanent Makeup Machine We Offer

European Beauty Concept‘s range is chosen from the products of leading permanent makeup machine manufacturers. It includes a variety of different types of device, designed for applying permanent makeup using a number of different methods. These include:

  • Hand infusion tools: are also known as “hand method” tools, or informally as “Softap” tools within the industry – though this is in fact the name of a specific manufacturer. The hand method relies on needles to “tap” pigment into the skin.
  • Microblading tools: are a relatively recent variation on the hand infusion type of tools.The industry buzz-word surrounding the effects these tools produce is “hyper-realistic”, and the results really should be seen in order to be believed.
  • Digital rotary machines: are some of the most advanced permanent makeup machines on the market. Power can be adjusted via digital display, and the needle works at an incredibly fast rate – usually contacting the skin around 1800 times per minute.
  • Coil machines: usually thought of as traditional tattooing machines, coil machines are one of the staples of the industry. Devices of this type are very sturdy, and modern versions are also lightweight.

Tips For Application and Use

Different models and types of machine have different levels of suitability for beginner beauticians. One of the main advantages of microblade tools is that they are relatively simple to use, as well as being economical. This makes them a good choice for a novice beautician.

Additional Information

European Beauty Concept only stocks tools made by the best manufacturers in the industry. These are high grade products specially chosen for their ergonomic design and high quality finish.

If you have any questions about your makeup tool, or which makeup machine to use, contact your manufacturer or reach out to the EBC support team. We’re always ready to assist you.