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Product Description

We offer premium-grade false eyelash glue remover, and easy ways for you to buy false eyelash glue online.

The adhesive we supply is free from formaldehyde, latex, and low in fumes. They also offer a lightweight, flexible adhesion perfectly suited to the task at hand.

Always be sure to choose the type of product that is most suited to your skill level – we offer adhesives which dry in different amounts of time, so you can always find one which is most suitable for your skill level, or preferred method of application.
Get the high quality adhesives and glue remover you need to attach and detach any eyelash extensions. European Beauty Concept offers a selection of false eyelash remover and glues suitable for both newly qualified and highly experienced beauticians.

All of the products we supply are very low in fumes, and do not include any latex or formaldehyde. This means there’s a greatly reduced chance of any irritation or reaction around the eye area. Every product we supply has been rigorously tested to ensure that they offer both superior bonding performance or easy removal, as well as achieving the highest quality and safety standards

Why Choose the False Eyelash Remover and Glue We Offer?

Great care is made in order to confirm that the false eyelash glue remover and eyelash glue we sell online is of the highest quality. This means it is:

  • Free of latex and formaldehyde: this hugely reduces the chance of an allergic reaction or irritation.
  • Ultra-low fumes: though care should still be taken not to inhale any fumes which are given off.
  • Powerfully adhesive: the glues we offer deliver a powerful bond.

Types of Remover and Eyelash Glue We Offer Online

Make your selection from European Beauty Concept‘s extensive range of adhesives and removers with confidence. We offer eyelash glue wholesale, and a selection of removal products too. Whatever you need in terms of substances to attach or remove false eyelashes, we’ve got the quality products you need in our catalogue.

Tips For Application and Use

The removers and adhesives we stock are powerful, medical-grade products which you should have received proper training in order to apply. If you’re not a qualified beautician, we do not recommend using this sort of product. In any case, these glues should not be used on yourself.

Eve these low-fume glues can give off fumes, which you should understand how to avoid. These substances can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so always exercise the utmost caution in their use. We cannot be held responsible for the product once it is out of our care.

Additional Information

The false eyelash removers and glues we offer are amongst the safest product on the market. We comply with all rules and regulations concerning such substances, and always achieve the highest standards in terms of quality materials and final product.