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Product Description

These are faux mink eyelash extensions made from the finest quality PBT fibres. We offer a number of different collections of mink eyelashes, ideal for all kinds of professional beauticians.
Help your client to make a dramatic statement with faux mink eyelash extensions. Bold, black, and beautiful, these extensions are some of the most luxurious on the market, offering a light sheen that is highly attractive.

European Beauty Concept makes it easy to buy mink lashes wholesale while still being 100% confident in the quality and design of the lashes that you’ve chosen. We offer a range of high quality products, created from the finest available materials.

Why Choose Mink Eyelash Extensions?

Faux mink lashes offer a unique choice compared with other eyelash extension options. You’ll want to choose them if your client is looking for:

  • A bold and powerful statement: mink eyelashes tend to offer a dramatic look, with deep black lashes that are truly noticeable.
  • Premium quality: these are faux mink – not real fur – eyelashes made from the highest quality synthetic fibres.
  • Non-fading, strong curls: mink lashes from EBC will not fade or straighten over time – they’ll stay beautifully curled right to the end.

Types of Mink Lashes We Offer Wholesale

European Beauty Concept offers you a number of different options when you want to buy mink lashes online. Whatever your needs, we have the facility to accommodate them.

Tips For Application and Use

If you’re purchasing mink lashes wholesale, the chances are good that you’re a professional beautician. In this case we recommend using mink eyelashes only after consultation with your client – they offer a bold look which many find desirable, but some prefer a more subtle eyebrow extension option.

If you are unqualified or inexperienced at applying eyelash extensions, we highly recommend that you purchase one of our eyelash extension kits instead. There you’ll find everything you need to grow your skills at applying lashes, including an educational DVD detailing the most effective methods.

Additional Information

European Beauty Concept is will known within the industry as mink eyelash extensions suppliers. All of the lashes that we produce are created in a sterile environment, and have been approved by health and beauty professionals as being amply fit for the task. That is to say, they’re high quality, long lasting, and add a stunning, powerful curl to any lash.