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Product Description

Even your clients with the straightest of lashes can get a beautiful curl effect when using flat ellipse lashes. Do you have a client who’s searching for a more dramatic look even though they have thinner or weaker lashes? This type of lash may also present the ideal solution in these cases.

Flat eyelashes – also known as ellipse or ellipse flat eyelashes – are one of the hottest current trends in the health and beauty industry.

Flat eyelashes have dual concave edges, which allows them to adhere to the natural lash much more easily than other shapes. This means they’re even easier to apply than standard eyelash extensions too, making them an increasingly popular choice amongst the professional beauticians we work with. European Beauty Concept offers a number of different flat eyelash extension models.

Flat lashes have a concave surface on their inner edge too, making it easier for them to form a bond with the natural lash.

Why Choose Flat Lashes?

Flat ellipse eyelash extensions offer several advantages over other types of extension available on the market:

  • Greater bonding area: the concave inner surface provides a greater area to be placed onto the natural lash, increasing the strength and duration of the bond.
  • Tougher bond: this type of eyelash extension wraps around the natural lash, so it won’t bend as easily.
  • Lightweight: these extensions are lighter in weight than most others, increasing the wearer’s comfort.

Tips For Application and Use

Like all of our other high quality lash products, these extensions are intended for use by trained beauticians. If you are a newcomer or still in training, we suggest purchasing one of our lash extension kits, which include an educational DVD. This DVD will include all of the information you need, as well as some handy tips and advice.

If you’re an expert, we suggest using a thinner adhesive when applying flat lashes.

Additional Information

All of the eyelash extensions offered by European Beauty Concept have been made in sterile conditions using the highest quality of materials. All are perfectly suited to the task they are designed for – creating a lush, full lash without the need for daily mascara treatment.