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Product Description

These incredibly high quality lashes are suitable for all clients – even those with naturally thinner lashes. Semi-permanent in nature, and offering both superior bonding and a stunning, natural look, these lashes are the favoured choice of health and beauty professional everywhere.

3D lashes are one of the latest breakthroughs in eyelash extension technology. Based on the same sort of principles used in hair extensions, these lashes are individually attached to your client’s natural lashes. This results in a stunning effect, and a powerful bonding power.

European Beauty Concept offers the very latest in 3D lash supplies, allowing you to create a thick, full look even for clients with weaker or thinner natural lashes. Because they only require an ultra-lightweight adhesive, they’re also not noticeable in weight when worn – perfect for clients with active lifestyles.

Why Choose 3D Lashes?

3D lashes offer numerous benefits as opposed to other types of eyelash extension systems which are currently available. These include:

  • Long bonding power: these lashes will stay in place for up to two months – even longer with regular maintenance.
  • Liquid and exercise resistant: the bond between natural lash and extension will resist sweat, rain, tears, showers, sleeping conditions, and more.
  • Greater comfort: almost completely weightless, these lashes offer perfect comfort.
  • Natural look: 3D eyelash extensions offer a full and powerfully attractive look, while remaining completely natural in appearance.

Why Get Your 3D Lash Supplies From Us?

European Beauty Concept offers a number of different 3D lashes for you to buy online. This is our standard semi-permanent option, though we also offer mink and silk varieties.

No matter which range or material you select, you’ll always be getting lash extensions of the highest quality, created with care from the best available materials.

Tips For Application and Use

For health and beauty experts, these lashes will be even simpler to apply than standard lash extensions. We suggest using a very lightweight adhesive.

If you’re a novice or still in training, we recommend buying one of our all-inclusive eyelash extension kits. These come with an instructional DVD included, which will teach you how to apply all kinds of eyelashes.

Additional Information

Much like all of the lash extension products stocked by European Beauty Concept, our 3D lash supplies are created from the highest quality of materials. This ensures a fine and beautiful final product, one which is ideal for the task for which it was designed. All lashes are made in a sterile environment.