If you’re planning on becoming a healthy and beauty professional – or you’re faced with your first choice of which eyelash extension kit to choose as a professional, the variety of kits on offer can be daunting…

That’s why European Beauty Concept offers this handy guide to selecting the right lash extension kit for you. We offer a wide variety of products, including our highly sought-after Magic Lashes range – so we know what to suggest for both novice beauticians and experienced specialist alike.

General Advice on Selecting an Eyelash Extension Kit

There are two very important factors to consider when buying an eyelash extension kit:

  1. Economy
  2. Size and usability

In general, it’s always best to avoid cheaper kits. Though presenting a more economical option – which can often seem like a good idea if you’re newly qualified or simply considering applying lashes at home – the quality of product, as well as the amount of lashes included, does tend to suffer seriously in bargain-basement options.

It’s the reason why European Beauty Concept only stocks kits of the highest quality – even as the starter and basic options of our various ranges. You won’t find any cheap and nasty kits here.

Which Size of Lash Kit Do I Need?

This will depend on the amount and type of use you want to put your kit to. But even as a beginner beautician, the long-term savings to be made in investing in a larger kit will always pay dividends.

The Types of Lash Extension Kit We Offer

The types of kit we offer usually fall into three categories:

  • Professional eyelash extension kits: are the top of the line models which include everything needed to provide a large number of treatments, including precision tools, glues, removal agents, and a lot more.
  • Semi-professional kits: are generally more suited to small-scale use, or students still learning their trade. They will still contain everything needed to apply a set number of treatments.
  • Basic or at-home eyelash extension kits: these models are generally designed for easier use, but still offer results well above what standard shop-bought lash extensions can achieve.

Additional Information

All of the eyelash extension kits offered by European Beauty Concept are suitable for use by professional beauticians. We only ever use materials of the highest quality to create our lashes, and the kits themselves will only ever contain precision tools, glues, and specialist cleansing agents.

If you need assistance in selecting the lash kit which is most suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to contact the EBC customer support team. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand in your selection.