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EL-142 Gel Glue Remover (15 ml.) with Vitamin E and Aloe Barbadensis

  1. Gel Glue Remover is easy to handle
  2. Nourishes the lashes as it effectively dissolves the adhesive bond on eyelash extensions
  3. Minimal amount needed
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Gel Glue Remover is used to dissolves the adhesive bond on eyelash extensions. Its advantage is the consistency and formula- Gel type glue remover will not drip or run into the eyes. Our remover can be used with all of our colored cap glues. For best results apply with micro-brush swabs (also available in our store)

Our Gel glue remover is with very fast action and its super active formula helps to dissolve the lash adhesive quicker. Its formula offers you more efficient lashes removal, which will make your work with clients easier and more time-effective. In addition, the Gel formula prevents spreading of the remover and contact with the eyes of your clients, because you can control it easily. Only small amount of Gel glue remover is sufficient for remove eyelash extension and this allow saving the product.
We guarantee the high quality of the Gel glue remover.
Store in a cool place.
MSDS is available upon request.


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