on personal data protection



With the present Notification, EBC LIMITED LTD. would like to inform all its customers and partners, about the measures undertaken for the protection of personal data during their processing. EBC LIMITED LTD. is obliged to comply with the legislation currently in force, regarding the personal data protection and appoints an official, responsible for the fulfillment of the internal procedures for data protection.

According to the legislation on personal data protection the information is:

  • processed lawfully, conscientiously and transparently;
  • collected for concrete legitimate purposes;
  • maintained to be exact and in an updated manner;
  • kept within a term no longer than the necessary for the purposes of its processing;
  • kept safely, with the use of technical and organizational measures;
  • shared with third persons, in compliance with the current legislation being in force.

EBC LIMITED LTD. processes personal data in order to provide better, of a better quality and more various products and services. The aims of personal data processing are:

  • for the fulfillment of a contract or in the context of preliminary contractual relations;
  • for the fulfillment of normative obligations;
  • after having received an informed agreement;
  • in view of a legitimate interest of EBC LIMITED LTD.;
  • processing of anonymized data.

EBC LIMITED LTD. processes data for the identification of the personal data subject (customers and partners) and other data (names, telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses).

For  personal data processing  EBC LIMITED LTD.  uses partially automatized algorithms  and methods, aiming the continuous improvement of the products and services offered, for the adaptation of the products and services to the individual necessities in the best possible way.

In connection with the fulfillment of its obligations as a service provider, EBC LIMITED LTD.  has introduced the necessary technical and organizational measures against unauthorized and unlawful processing, access to, supplying, copying, alteration, keeping, reproduction, display or distribution of personal data.

The personal data are kept for the period, necessary for the fulfillment of the aims, about which they have been granted, the final settlement of all financial duties and the expiry of the legitimately determined obligations for keeping the data, such as obligations according to the Law on electronic messages for the keeping and presenting of information for the purposes of disclosing and investigation of crimes, obligations (6 months), according to the Law on Accounting for the keeping and processing of accounting data (10 years), according to the Law on obligations and contracts – prescription terms for filing a claim (5 years), about obligations of giving information to the court, the competent state authorities and other grounds, which are envisaged in the current legislation in force (5 years). The data, about which a legitimate aim for processing no longer exists, or another lawful requirement, are deleted and destroyed.

EBC LIMITED LTD. gives personal data at the disposal of third persons, as the basic aim is to offer quality, fast and complex service. No personal data are granted to third persons, unless EBC LIMITED LTD. assures itself, that all technical and organizational precautions have been taken for the protection of these data. Personal data are given to persons, processing data on behalf of  EBC LIMITED LTD. (post operators, distributors, persons maintaining the equipment, software and hardware, authorities, institutions and persons, to which personal data are granted by virtue of the current legislation in force, banks for payments service, persons, providing services for organizing, keeping, indexing and destroying of archives on a paper and/or electronic medium, persons, performing counseling services in different fields.

Any physical person has a right to an access to the relating to him/her personal data, their status and the aim of their processing, their source, the category of data and their receivers or categories of receivers, to whom the data are disclosed, as well as the lawful interests of the administrator or a third person. The physical person has at all times the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data and to demand from the administrator an erasure, correction or blocking of his/her personal data, the processing of which does not comply with the requirements of the Law on personal data protection, as well as present personal data and notify third persons, to whom his/her personal data have already been disclosed, about the actions performed relating to his/her rights, except in the cases when this is not possible. The physical person’s rights are claimed with a written Application for access to saved and processed personal data to EBC LIMITED LTD.. The application is prepared in compliance with art.30 from the Law on Personal Data Protection and is reviewed under the conditions and within the terms (14 days from filing the Application) determined in the LPDP. The physical person has the right to withdraw his/her agreement on processing of personal data at any time, without affecting the conformity with the law of the processing itself. The personal data subject has the right to file a complaint at all times, to the Commission on Personal Data Protection.

In case of destruction, loss or in case the personal data are unfit for use, we notify our partners within 24 hours. The same term is applied if it is determined, that a breach of the security of the data is present.



We will notify you in due time, if changes in the data protection legislation should appear.