Permanent makeup device – Operating Manual

Part 1: Adaptor Connection

1. The device, you need to plug in the power supply adaptor

2. Into operation by inserting into the socket under label “Device R” or “Device L”

3./4. Finally, we have 3 Hand Pieces and power DC adaptor connected from the back panel.

5. Adaptor is connected to the device and “Power” button is pressed to “I” the digital display show “00” in red light color, this indicate that the device connected to the power network.

Part 2: Speed Control

Adjusted by “Up” and “Down” button to get preferable speed (from 0 to 90) on the digital screen. For eyebrows, application preferred speed is between 40 to 50, for lip liner – between 30 to 40 and for eyeliner – 20 to 40.

Part 3: The hand piece and needle assembling.




You can disassemble the hand piece for maintenance and cleaning. 







The hand grasp can be  removed from the hand piece by turning anticlockwise direction. The needle shaft is inserted into the open collet, up to the point you feel he stops by himself. After this, the hand grasp is put on again and close in a clockwise direction. On the end, we need to insert disposable needle protecting nozzle (black plastic nozzle) on the top of the handgrasp. We need to leave the needle appr. 1mm out of the nozzle.


DC Adapter Technical specifications

– Input Voltage : 100-240V
– Power: 18W
– Output: 12V — 1.5A

Digital Permanent Makeup Device

– Nominal Voltage : 12V
– Frequency : 50Hz
– Working Frequency : from 0% to 90%
– Drive : Precision DC Motor
– Operating Condition : +10C up to +35C
– Relative air moisture : 30% – 75%

Step up and safety instructions

The Digital Permanent Makeup Device manufactured according to the VDE and ISO 9002 guidelines. The device can be operated only with the power supply adaptor listed in indication plate and this user’s instruction book. The device may be opened for repairs and maintenance only by manufacturing company. The device is designed for indoor condition using. The main voltage has corresponded to the mains voltage of the device indicated on the adaptor unit.

Maintenance and Care

Before the beginning of any cleaning and maintenance work, the main plug of the adaptor is to withdraw. From time to time the device should be cleaned from the outside with a soft cloth (possibly with mild disinfectant solution). The hand pieces are to be protected from Damage and put back into the holder after usage.


1. In a case of a functional defect of the device is to check the correct adaptor connection.
2. Please, use the correct power source voltage shown on the controller front panel.
3. Please, stop the machine once any abnormal movement/noise is noticed at work.
4. Please, call your local service center if you feel any problems when using the machine.

CE Marking

The device is manufactured in accordance with the following regulations and Directive – 73/23/EEC Low Voltage Directive, as amended by Council Directive 93/68/EEC and Directive 93/42/EEC, class 2 b