Choosing the hand method to apply permanent makeup can result in a far less painful experience for the person undergoing the treatment. Rather than the traditional tattooing method, which punches though the skin in order to deposit colour, the manual hand method gently lifts the skin to and leaves colour behind. This is the reason for the reduced amount of pain, and also the reason why recipients can immediately go about their day without waiting for the skin to heal.

More Information About Hand Method Application of Permanent Makeup

To apply permanent makeup by hand you’ll need all of the tools supplied in European Beauty Concept‘s hand method kit. These will include:

  • 70 needles set in ten rows of seven (enough to treat 10 people)
  • A number of colour liquid pigments
  • A number of colour powder pigments
  • A needle holder hand piece
  • An instructional DVD
  • Tweezers, brush, and scissors
  • A stand to hold your pigment container
  • Pigment colour containers

Proper usage of these items will require training, instruction, and practice. The instructional DVD includes some basic and advanced tips for application, but there is no substitute for in-person training by a professional beautician.

Is Hand Method Permanent Makeup Safe?

See the “Additional Information” section for further details, but yes! All needles, cups, handles, and brushes are designed to be disposable – that is to say to be used to treat one person only. This eliminates any danger of cross contamination. And makes the hand method permanent makeup application system completely safe.

As an added line of protection – and to improve results in colour matching – it’s suggested that you use a patch test to check that the shade which will be used matches the client’s skin tones and undertones.

How Natural Does It Look?

Judge the results for yourself! The easy colours supplied with the kit have an excellent reputation within the industry, and with the many clients who use them. The ability to mix and match different colours of pigment together is a decisive advantage. As is the fact that these pigments are colour-fast, so they won’t fade to red, pink, orange, or mauve – as is a common failing of other pigments.

What Colours of Eyebrow Pigment Are Available?

We generally supply five colours of eyebrow pigment. These are:

  1. Brown Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Medium Brown
  4. Light Brown
  5. Honey Brown

You can then use the supplied powder pigments to mix with the liquid pigment which is closest to your client’s tone, providing an even more precise match. Greater familiarity with the mixing process – and a beautician’s eye for detail – will allow you to achieve any colour your client may require.

Colour Matching Tips

A simple colour test can be achieved using a toothpick. Simply dip the toothpick in the chosen pigment, and then blot it onto the client’s skin. It’s important to blot rather than smear. It should be easy to see whether the colour matches.

A more advanced test should always be performed before the process begins. This patch test should be a small-level application of the actual chosen pigment to the actual area where the final process will be applied. It’s recommended that you do this one week in advance of the date on which the actual application will take place. Natural chemicals within the client’s body, and undertones in their skin, can often result in the colour actually not matching as well as it first appears to. Alterations – usually from the warmer end of the pigment spectrum as skin undertones tend to be blues – can then be made.

The patch test will also check for any allergic reaction, though this is highly unlikely.

Additional Information

The needles which are included with the hand method permanent application kits stocked by European Beauty Concept are designed to be disposable. This keeps the risks of cross contamination to multiple recipients of the treatment to zero. You should never use the needles included in the kit to treat more than one person.