The new trend that’s got women tattooing their faces is called known as microblading, eyebrow embroidery, feathering, or etching! Keen to know more about permanent make up products? Take a look below:

Basically the difference between microblading (manual) and machine applied permanent make up is the tools and the techniques used. Depending on what kind of look you want to achieve a more natural one is produced by microblading, and a more glamorous finish supplied by the digital machine. Read more about permanent make up glam – eyebrow tattoos here…

Hand Methods Information

permanent eyebrow makeupChoosing this method is probably a far less painful experience as the procedure involves gently lifting the skin to leave the colour behind. All needles, handles, cups, and brushes are designed to treat one person only to avoid any cross contamination. Patch tests really need to be done to make sure this makeup is safe for you.

Eyebrow colours can be chosen from brown black, dark, medium, light, and honey brown. Pigments can be mixed and matched to find a correct match to skin colour and tone. You need to remember that natural body chemicals can sometimes alter the original colour choice, so slight changes may need to be made.

The manual tool etches pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and a group of fine needles create the precise strokes. You may want a numbing gel to help with the mild scratching sensation! Don’t forget this is an invasive procedure that requires skill and training from your beautician.

Without any electric or motorised tools the pigment can be applied to the skin in great detail. You’ll find all these microblading procedures with their own unique selling point:

  • Epibrow doesn’t follow a pattern and the philosophy is freehand, feather styling
  • Embroidery is the process of applying light and medium pressure to create different depths of hair strokes
  • Phibrows is a manual skill using a bespoke golden ratio tool to get a precise and accurate map of the eyebrows
  • Embrowdery is a soft tap technique which plucks up and places pigment softly under the skin, and is non-invasive
  • Powdery filled involves darkening the areas that already have eyebrow hair creating shape and enhancement
  • Ombre uses two different brow colours, one lighter than the other and is the latest craze!

Machine Application

PM-202 Digital Machine Oval - Single Entry 1 Pen-4A permanent make up digital machine will penetrate the pigment deep into the epidermis, and is an advanced option that can be used very creatively. The needles come in a pre-sterilised cartridge, and the needle pops in and out of the hand piece easily. Digital read outs make adjusting the power easy and the procedure is quickly completed with the needles hitting the skin 1800 times a minute!
The pigment can actually stay in the skin for up to 5 years and is visible for about 18 months. There are a range of different techniques than can be produced. and the sensation can be described as a pulling or plucking one and again anaesthetic may be used to dull the pain. Single or grouped needles are used to create stylish 3D effects.

In Conclusion

In the hands of a skilled technician beautiful results can be achieved, making it great to have permanent eyebrows effortlessly. European Beauty Concept is a trusted supplier of hand method kits and digital machines of the highest standard and for competitive prices. Browse online to see the complete range of high quality pigments, alongside a huge selection of products from leading manufacturers as well as in house premium grade goods. If you need permanent make up equipment European Beauty Concept can supply it for you!

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