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Eyebrows Colors: Light Golden Brown # 1, Golden Brown # 2, Dark Golden Brown # 3 and Brown Black # 4 are anti-red colors. They will not make red shades. They make brown-grey shades (cold shade).
Honey Brown # 5 is brown-red color (hot shade).
If you want to change the eyebrows color to brown-chocolate (hot color), you need to add few drops of the color Anti-Grey # 10.

Lips Colors: Natural Lips # 1, Real Red # 2, Dark Brown # 7, Mocha # 9 and Brown Lips # 10 are all hot colors.
All other lips colors are cold. If you want to make them hotter, you need to add few drops of Orange # 10 to the main color. (Orange #10 changes every cold shade to hot shade)

Eyeliner Colors: all of them have cold shades.

Red Color Correction: If your customer has red shades, you can easily fix them by using Grey # 6 or Grey # 7.

The professional beauticians need all correction colors: Anti Grey # 10, Grey # 6, Grey # 7, Orange # 10, Mustard # 10.
If you need more information or advice, please, don’t hesitate to write to us.

European Beauty Concept Pigment Colors – Manufacturing Standards

The creating of the colors is made in our clean room. We have set rules to guarantee the highest hygienic level. Every lot is tested by a certificated microbiological laboratory. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) is the minimum in our work. We are trying to keep the best environment.

All colors have been optimized (especially the consistency) so they can be used with all other manufacturer devices. You will receive constant flow of pigment usage. The composition and sterile presentation are in conformity with the 93/42/EEC Directive, class II b, concerning medical devices. No human or bovine products have been used. We use safe and tested with pharmaceutical quality products only.

Powder Pigment Colors:

The natural eyebrows have never monochromatic shades (highlight shade). Adding powder pigment to the liquid pigment helps for better control on the final result. When you apply small quantity of pigment powder to the liquid you will receive highlighting effect and the final look will be natural. The other help of the pigment powder is in cases where the skin does not accept coloring. Then, thanks to the powder, the pigment concentration is higher and it is easier for the color to stay under the skin longer time (please, check the Permanent Makeup Movie).