Eyelash extensions have not been spared the suspicion of critics and skeptically-minded users. Neither haven’t they been shrouded with various mysteries and fears.
Fortunately, the NINE most common myths of their potential danger have been successfully dispelled by the rising numbers of women from various walks in life. They confess that eyelash extensions have given them a glitzy look and a safe and practical way to be pretty with next-to-none maintenance.

Myth No 1 Eyelash extensions are dangerous for natural lashes
Absolutely groundless. The fear for no natural growth or constant shedding to a complete loss is a basic misconception. The precision and skillful application /neither too much glue, nor too many and heavy sets/ by an experienced technician is a definite safety-guarantee.

Myth No 2 The procedure is very long and discomforting
Exaggerated. It all depends on the technician’s experience. In Tirnak center a whole procedure takes one hour and a refill – half an hour. For such delicate procedure the time is even short. As for the sensation, it is that of a light touch.

Myth No 3 Eyelash extensions do not need any maintenance
Not exactly. Some caution is essential like avoiding oil-based and water-proof products and maintaining hygiene with oil-free substances.

Myth No 4 Eyelash extensions prevent you from certain activities
Not in the least. Except the avoidance of having a shower, swimming and sauna sweating during the first 24 hours after fixation, no other activity restrictions exist.

Myth No 5 Eyelash extensions suit only the young and famous
Far from the truth. Women of all ages have eyelash extensions for different reasons as follows:
For those in the 20-ies – it is beauty and glamour
For those in the 30-ies – it is practicality and time-saving
For those in the 40-ies – it is an easy upkeep for the sake of a career
For those in the 50-ies – it is a compensation for the toll of time
For those in the 60-ies and 70-ies– it is the stimulus to be active in life

Myth No 6 Eyelash extensions give you an unnatural look
False. The effect is just the opposite – to boost the natural look. By means of the wide assortment, related to curls, length and thickness and the technique of applying sets of various length the natural look is enhanced.

Myth No 7 A new fixation should be done after a period of rest
Not wholly true. The major concern is the proper application. A proper one prevents any resting before a new procedure. In case of natural lashes being still too short a break is advisable.

Myth No 8 Eyelash extensions do not allow the usage of any make up
Partly true. Make up is not forbidden unless there are oil-substances and oil-mascara, which make the glue open. Only water-base mascara could be applied, but it is hardly necessary since eyelash extensions sre bold enough.

Myth No 9 Eyelash extensions have a very short duration
Wrong. Eyelash extensions fall together with natural eyelashes and the changing cycle of the latter is about 3 months and in summer – it is even 2 months. This cycle does not depend on the usage of glue or other substances, it is just natural.


When it comes to danger and damage of whatsoever origin, in most cases it is related to either improper implementation and usage or the lack of necessary caution and good care.
This is mostly true for eyelash extensions in all aspects of their usage.
The fear of their detrimental effect on natural eye lashes is based on cases of unprofessional application and poor maintenance and hygiene.
What is of paramount importance for the safety of the extensions fixation is the knowledge, skills and experience of the technician you will get to do the service.
The basic cause of serious natural lashes damage is the discrepancy between the types of natural lashes and eyelash extensions. To avoid it, the technician should choose eyelash extensions with such thickness and length to match natural lashes. If he puts too many or too heavy extensions on thin and sparse lashes, the former will definitely ruin the latter and prevent their regrowth. More than necessary glue is also dangerous since it will clump them together. Furthermore, any failure on his part to put a separate extension on a separate natural lash will result in serious consequences for your natural eye lashes. In view of these requirements, you should refrain from insisting on having very thick or very long eyelash extensions because it is not so much the beauty of your look but rather the health of your lashes that counts most.
All the delicacy of the procedure makes it out of the question to even think of applying eyelash extensions by yourself or rely on a friend with less or no experience at all. Experimenting with your own lashes is inconceivable and more than risky.
Since hygiene and caution is something you need to stick to consistently, you have to clean the extensions with oil-free products without roughly brushing or rubbing them but gently touching them instead. In applying make up the rule to follow is to avoid water-proof mascara.
In case of an adequate application and upkeep, the eyelash extensions will gradually shred together with the natural ones. Your concern is to let them do that without any interference by attempting to remove them or pick them off. Picking the eyelash extensions off may lead to a permanent ruin of the hair follicle, which is responsible for natural hair growth. In that way you may lose your natural eyelashes for ever.
If you want to have eyelash extensions in good condition, you’d better go for a refill on a regular basis to a trustworthy technician. Taking the initiative to put some extensions on your own could be no less harmful than the previous do-it-yourself risky actions.
All in all, eyelash extensions are intended to bring you pleasure and delight from your boosted appearance and self-confidence. What is up to you is only to be careful in your choice of the person to apply them and the way you maintain them as providers of that pleasure and delight.

Eyelash Extensions For Celebrations

Eyelash extensions for the “dreamy look” at celebrations and in daily life

From times immemorial women have been endeavouring to look their best at formal ceremonies and on once-in-a lifetime occasions. Being aware of the ravishing influence and incredible impression of their eyes, they have managed to create them only by means of the natural resources available. In time and with the development of science, the alternatives to improve their appearance have expanded immensely.
At present, the once fashionable false eye lashes have given way to the far better and more efficient “dreamy look” enhancers – the eyelash extensions which rank the first and the best not only because they have an effect on the expression of women’s eyes, but also because they contribute to the better eye-shape outlining. What is more, they provide a number of unimaginable practical benefits for both special and daily life events.
More often than not, from a first attempt at eyelash extensions for a fascinating look on occasions like a wedding or graduation ceremony, a prom, a cocktail party or some anniversary, women tend to decide on having extensions permanently. Even a team-building party or an office celebration could be a good time for a first trial. Why not a first meeting with a chat-friend, or a romantic dinner with a beloved one. Another inspiration for a “dreamy look” could be also a class reunion where women want to show they have managed to outsmart the ravages of time and have preserved their fresh and youthful appearance. The so-called “party or flare” extensions are semi-permanently fixed and they gradually fall from the natural lashes but women want to keep the impressive “dreamy look” for which they have been praised by friends and colleagues. So, they embrace the wonderful opportunity for permanent ones. The chance to feel like a famous celebrity or a fashion icon every single day of your life is really second to none. Besides beauty-providers, however, the eyelash extensions bring undeniable convenience into the busy—scheduled daily life. Once skillfully placed on the natural lashes, there is no longer any need for a mascara or make-up application. Neither is it necessary to worry about their removal after a hectic day or an exciting night party. Another plus is the dramatically reduced time, they offer, for getting ready for work early in the morning or for improving your look before an important business meeting or a formal lunch and dinner.
Eyelash extensions come in such a great variety of designs that it is very easy to chose the most appropriate set for a formal event or just for daily usage. The more richly decorated with pearls, sequins or even feathers, for example, will be a perfect finishing touch to a fancy dress, dancing outfit or a bridal gown. On the contrary, the plain ones of either artificial or natural hairs /those of mink being the most expensive/ are suitable for the most common daily routine activities. With the most cutting-edge fixation technique of extension placement on natural lashes, women could choose between having lusher clusters of darker colours for more ostentatious occasions and thinner clusters of lighter colours for a natural everyday look. For those who despite all the assets of eyelash extensions still cannot part with their favourite mascara, there is the option to choose the extensions with the lightest and thinnest hairs so that the mascara application could be eased to the maximum.
At a party, or in an office women have always cherished the desire to be admired for their eyes and appearance. In the face of eyelash extensions they have eventually found the perfect key to that effect.

Trends in eyelash extensions

Popular as they are, eyelash extensions have been and still are subject to constant enhancement and sophistication. Their updating is in a direct correspondence with the overall modern fashion tendencies in make-up, hair and cosmetics.

Basically, the trends in eyelash extensions focus on volume and length with fluctuating prevalence on either. Additionally, however, the trends reflect the compliance to the the well-established extension styles and the material preference, as well as the precision and refinement of their fixation.

The eyelash extensions of the 2018 are intended to be the perfect match to the beautifully shaped eyebrows, the exceptionally long and mane-like hair and the brighly-coloured eye shadows in being thick and long. In comparison with the aspiration to rather long than voluminous lashes in 2017, the current trend puts more emphasis on the thickness. Yet, the new tendency continues to follow the look of the “smudgy eye” at the expense of the “smokey eye” from the recent past. Another aspect it sticks to is the maintenance of the boosting rather than the dominant effect on the natural lashes. The ultimate goal of the new trend is the most “natural” but “dramatic” look.

In regards to the eyelash extensions styles – the “cat eye”, “the open eye”, “the doll eye”, the “staggered lash”, most attention is placed on the achievement of the last one. The more the regular lash line is broken, the better and the more natural the look will be. Extension clusters/ lash fans/, are fixed along the natural lashes curve-line at different lengths and some space is to be obligatorily left among them to create the impression of the naturally wide eye.

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Eye lashes history

Like many modern tendencies, the wearing of false eye-lash extensions hardly ever raises the issue of the circumstances and the country of their origin.

Historically, eyelash extensions have followed a tricky path since their first appearance which dates back to the time of The Roman empire. The ups and downs in their dominance have reflected different beliefs and fashion trends. Their invention is attributed to different people but it is actually the activities of all those, whose names are associated with eyelash extensions, that have contributed in one way or another to their popularity and fame.
Despite the modern belief that the necessity to eye-lash extensions comes from the misconception that natural ones diminish in length with age, it was not always like that.

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8 facts you need to know before buying eyelash extensions

In accordance with the growing care for a better appearance there is a variety of inventions to meet the modern community needs– especially those of modern women. Any imperfection by birth is no longer a problem. Even the most severe cases have a cosmetic solution.

Women’s desire to have beautiful thick eyelashes is easily satisfied with the diverse assortment of eyelash extensions. Before buying a pair of these miraculous promises for a glamorous look, however, women should do careful consideration in terms of their usage, function, expenses, safety etc.

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Pros & Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

Long eyelashes are a sign of youth and as we get older they may get thinner and tend to shed. Keeping a healthy amount of luscious eyelashes can help you retain a young appearance and look feminine. Permanent eyelash extensions are the latest trend in eyelash improvement that relies on the application of individual eyelash extensions. The hottest trends in the industry include 3D lashes, flat eyelashes, faux silk or mink lashes, and other semi-permanent lash systems.

What are eyelash extensions?

eyelash extensionsEyelash extensions are fake individual eyelashes that are glued one at a time to your natural lashes at the base – the process is carried out by a trained aesthetician. These extensions actually grow out with your natural lashes and fall out at the same time as yours. They enhance the fullness and thickness of your lashes as well as adding length.

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Permanent Makeup Guide: Cosmetic Tattooing Types & Costs

Permanent makeup is a tattooing procedure, used to enhance facial features, reducing the need for daily makeup. Like every cosmetic procedure it has its pros and cons, fans and detractors.

How Is it Done?

Colours are applied with a tattooing pen, much smaller than a conventional tattoo gun. Permanent makeup pigments are different from the inks used for body tattoos and the needle penetrates only to the central layer of the skin. Because the ink is more shallowly applied than it would be in conventional tattooing, it does fade over time. How fast this fading occurs will depend partly on the pigment used, partly on the specific procedure and partly on the individual, generally speaking a touch up treatment may be needed anything between one and three years after the initial procedure.

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7 Myths And Truths About Eyelash Extension Products

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length and fullness of natural eyelashes. These extensions can be made from a range of materials including mink, synthetic, or human hair, and are great for adding definition and boosting confidence. Want to know more? Take a look at 7 myths and truths about eyelash extension products:

7 Myths And Truths About Eyelash Extensions graphicMyth: Fake lashes make natural lashes fall out

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