Trends in eyelash extensions

Popular as they are, eyelash extensions have been and still are subject to constant enhancement and sophistication. Their updating is in a direct correspondence with the overall modern fashion tendencies in make-up, hair and cosmetics.

Basically, the trends in eyelash extensions focus on volume and length with fluctuating prevalence on either. Additionally, however, the trends reflect the compliance to the the well-established extension styles and the material preference, as well as the precision and refinement of their fixation.

The eyelash extensions of the 2018 are intended to be the perfect match to the beautifully shaped eyebrows, the exceptionally long and mane-like hair and the brighly-coloured eye shadows in being thick and long. In comparison with the aspiration to rather long than voluminous lashes in 2017, the current trend puts more emphasis on the thickness. Yet, the new tendency continues to follow the look of the “smudgy eye” at the expense of the “smokey eye” from the recent past. Another aspect it sticks to is the maintenance of the boosting rather than the dominant effect on the natural lashes. The ultimate goal of the new trend is the most “natural” but “dramatic” look.

In regards to the eyelash extensions styles – the “cat eye”, “the open eye”, “the doll eye”, the “staggered lash”, most attention is placed on the achievement of the last one. The more the regular lash line is broken, the better and the more natural the look will be. Extension clusters/ lash fans/, are fixed along the natural lashes curve-line at different lengths and some space is to be obligatorily left among them to create the impression of the naturally wide eye.

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Eye lashes history

Like many modern tendencies, the wearing of false eye-lash extensions hardly ever raises the issue of the circumstances and the country of their origin.

Historically, eyelash extensions have followed a tricky path since their first appearance which dates back to the time of The Roman empire. The ups and downs in their dominance have reflected different beliefs and fashion trends. Their invention is attributed to different people but it is actually the activities of all those, whose names are associated with eyelash extensions, that have contributed in one way or another to their popularity and fame.
Despite the modern belief that the necessity to eye-lash extensions comes from the misconception that natural ones diminish in length with age, it was not always like that.

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8 facts you need to know before buying eyelash extensions

In accordance with the growing care for a better appearance there is a variety of inventions to meet the modern community needs– especially those of modern women. Any imperfection by birth is no longer a problem. Even the most severe cases have a cosmetic solution.

Women’s desire to have beautiful thick eyelashes is easily satisfied with the diverse assortment of eyelash extensions. Before buying a pair of these miraculous promises for a glamorous look, however, women should do careful consideration in terms of their usage, function, expenses, safety etc.

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Pros & Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

Long eyelashes are a sign of youth and as we get older they may get thinner and tend to shed. Keeping a healthy amount of luscious eyelashes can help you retain a young appearance and look feminine. Permanent eyelash extensions are the latest trend in eyelash improvement that relies on the application of individual eyelash extensions. The hottest trends in the industry include 3D lashes, flat eyelashes, faux silk or mink lashes, and other semi-permanent lash systems.

What are eyelash extensions?

eyelash extensionsEyelash extensions are fake individual eyelashes that are glued one at a time to your natural lashes at the base – the process is carried out by a trained aesthetician. These extensions actually grow out with your natural lashes and fall out at the same time as yours. They enhance the fullness and thickness of your lashes as well as adding length.

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Permanent Makeup Guide: Cosmetic Tattooing Types & Costs

Permanent makeup is a tattooing procedure, used to enhance facial features, reducing the need for daily makeup. Like every cosmetic procedure it has its pros and cons, fans and detractors.

How Is it Done?

Colours are applied with a tattooing pen, much smaller than a conventional tattoo gun. Permanent makeup pigments are different from the inks used for body tattoos and the needle penetrates only to the central layer of the skin. Because the ink is more shallowly applied than it would be in conventional tattooing, it does fade over time. How fast this fading occurs will depend partly on the pigment used, partly on the specific procedure and partly on the individual, generally speaking a touch up treatment may be needed anything between one and three years after the initial procedure.

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7 Myths And Truths About Eyelash Extension Products

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length and fullness of natural eyelashes. These extensions can be made from a range of materials including mink, synthetic, or human hair, and are great for adding definition and boosting confidence. Want to know more? Take a look at 7 myths and truths about eyelash extension products:

7 Myths And Truths About Eyelash Extensions graphicMyth: Fake lashes make natural lashes fall out

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Permanent Make Up Glam – Eyebrow Tattoos

The new trend that’s got women tattooing their faces is called known as microblading, eyebrow embroidery, feathering, or etching! Keen to know more about permanent make up products? Take a look below:

Basically the difference between microblading (manual) and machine applied permanent make up is the tools and the techniques used. Depending on what kind of look you want to achieve a more natural one is produced by microblading, and a more glamorous finish supplied by the digital machine. Read more about permanent make up glam – eyebrow tattoos here…

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