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One-Second Volume Lashes EASY FANS

13.30€ 19.00€

Double volume Making fans very fast Easy Fan lashes are specially designed for lash technicians that are new to volume hand technique They are perfect for any lash tech looking to reduce time..

New!! Express Glue Black 10 ml.


Express Glue (Blue cap glue) – is one of the most popular glue. It is strong, fast setting and long lasting adhesive, but along with that it has low odors. Its quick drying time 3-4 seconds make it su..

Volume Single 3D Lashes C/D/D+ 0.07 mm

8.40€ 12.00€

These lashes are ultra light which gives you the ability to adhere more than one volume lash per one of your natural lashes and that is why they don’t damage them. Extremely lightweight, thin, soft an..

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