Eyelash extensions have not been spared the suspicion of critics and skeptically-minded users. Neither haven’t they been shrouded with various mysteries and fears.
Fortunately, the NINE most common myths of their potential danger have been successfully dispelled by the rising numbers of women from various walks in life. They confess that eyelash extensions have given them a glitzy look and a safe and practical way to be pretty with next-to-none maintenance.

Myth No 1 Eyelash extensions are dangerous for natural lashes
Absolutely groundless. The fear for no natural growth or constant shedding to a complete loss is a basic misconception. The precision and skillful application /neither too much glue, nor too many and heavy sets/ by an experienced technician is a definite safety-guarantee.

Myth No 2 The procedure is very long and discomforting
Exaggerated. It all depends on the technician’s experience. In Tirnak center a whole procedure takes one hour and a refill – half an hour. For such delicate procedure the time is even short. As for the sensation, it is that of a light touch.

Myth No 3 Eyelash extensions do not need any maintenance
Not exactly. Some caution is essential like avoiding oil-based and water-proof products and maintaining hygiene with oil-free substances.

Myth No 4 Eyelash extensions prevent you from certain activities
Not in the least. Except the avoidance of having a shower, swimming and sauna sweating during the first 24 hours after fixation, no other activity restrictions exist.

Myth No 5 Eyelash extensions suit only the young and famous
Far from the truth. Women of all ages have eyelash extensions for different reasons as follows:
For those in the 20-ies – it is beauty and glamour
For those in the 30-ies – it is practicality and time-saving
For those in the 40-ies – it is an easy upkeep for the sake of a career
For those in the 50-ies – it is a compensation for the toll of time
For those in the 60-ies and 70-ies– it is the stimulus to be active in life

Myth No 6 Eyelash extensions give you an unnatural look
False. The effect is just the opposite – to boost the natural look. By means of the wide assortment, related to curls, length and thickness and the technique of applying sets of various length the natural look is enhanced.

Myth No 7 A new fixation should be done after a period of rest
Not wholly true. The major concern is the proper application. A proper one prevents any resting before a new procedure. In case of natural lashes being still too short a break is advisable.

Myth No 8 Eyelash extensions do not allow the usage of any make up
Partly true. Make up is not forbidden unless there are oil-substances and oil-mascara, which make the glue open. Only water-base mascara could be applied, but it is hardly necessary since eyelash extensions sre bold enough.

Myth No 9 Eyelash extensions have a very short duration
Wrong. Eyelash extensions fall together with natural eyelashes and the changing cycle of the latter is about 3 months and in summer – it is even 2 months. This cycle does not depend on the usage of glue or other substances, it is just natural.

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