In accordance with the growing care for a better appearance there is a variety of inventions to meet the modern community needs– especially those of modern women. Any imperfection by birth is no longer a problem. Even the most severe cases have a cosmetic solution.

Women’s desire to have beautiful thick eyelashes is easily satisfied with the diverse assortment of eyelash extensions. Before buying a pair of these miraculous promises for a glamorous look, however, women should do careful consideration in terms of their usage, function, expenses, safety etc.

1. Types of eyelash extensions

Regarding the options on offer, women should make two basic distinctions: first – between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions and second – between permanent and semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

False eyelashes OR Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are much more sophisticated and dependable, being glued on each natural lash separately/ a little above the roots/ guaranteeing an absolutely natural look. Another advantage is their lightness compared to the heavy-weight of the false eyelashes. Not to mention their year-long durability and weekly upkeep visits in contrast to the lack of stability and the daily change necessity for false eye lashes.

Permanent OR Semi-permanent eye lash extensions

A distinction of primary significance since it concerns both finances /the permanent extensions are costly/ and the different nature of the fixing procedure. While in the case of Semi-permanent extensions the choice is on the different materials /synthetic, silk and mink/, for the permanent ones it is between hair transplanting and grafting from other body parts. Financially, the materials range from the least expensive synthetic to the most expensive mink extensions. The greatest priority of the silk ones is their dark colour lending the look of made-up eye-lids.

2. Duration

The time-length for Semi-permanent eyelash extensions is several months and for permanent extensions it is one’s lifespan when they follow their growth pattern. Their maintenance does not require any salon-related care and trimming.

3. The procedure – Time, Place, The specialist

Both types of extensions need a licensed and experienced specialist in a salon of good reputation. The delicate procedure is painless and takes about 2 hours. A specialist will recommend the best choice depending on the client’s natural lashes, their thickness, length, the eyes contour and the shape of the face.

4. Safety and Health issues

On medical scale, eyelash extensions are health-friendly. Yet, some precautions are recommended. Some possible reactions are an allergy to either the glue or the material or an infection due to lack of hygiene. Going to the extreme, however, and overdoing with procedures has the risk of traction alopecia / hair-loss from shaft tension/.

5. Physical restrictions

The only restriction is for the first 48 hours and it is the avoidance of swimming, taking a shower, exercising or staying in a sauna. This is because wet conditions could spoil the glue.

6. The better natural look booster

The ultimate effect depends basically on one’s natural eyelashes. Their thickness and length determine the extent to which eyelash extensions could be beneficial. Keeping this in mind one should avoid addiction and obsession with overdoing.

7. Make-up requirements

Eyelash extensions make make-up pointless but in case it is done, some precaution is necessary to prevent tangling and clumping such as no usage of tubular and oil-based mascara, pencil-eyeliners, or oil-based cleansers. And mascara application should be on the tips and not on the roots.

8. Hygiene and Care

The common misconception to refrain from cleansing to ensure duration is inadvisable. Gentle baby shampoos or the like are recommended as and avoiding rubbing and overloading the extensions to protect the natural lashes.

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