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Hand Method Permanent Makeup (info)

"Perfect Brows" Permanent Makeup Hand Method

Today, more than ever, women are having permanent cosmetic procedures to define and enhance their appearance, such as: lip coloring and lining, eyeliner and eyebrow lining. This saves time and money, for a daily beauty preparation. Our permanent makeup method is a manually implanting of the pigment color into the dermal layer of the skin (epidermises second layer). This method is a safe and gentle procedure, that looks naturally. he colors are subtal. You can wear them with or without highliting by traditional cosmetic to create desired look for any occasion.


1. Complete control, there is no deposit of the color, unless you lift your tool forward and up.
2. No clogging of the pigments.
3. No moving parts.
4. No mechanical failures.
5. No adjustments.
6. Minimal spattering.
7. Less pain and swelling.
8. Less time for recovery.
9. Natural look.
10. Inexpensive system.

Learning the manual application technique "Perfect Brows" is very easy. This technique provides a full control and minimum chance for making a mistake. There are no worries of putting the color in the wrong place.

The expensive autoclaves are already in the past - these parts are 100% disposable.
You don`t have to worry about mechanical mistakes.
There is no noise at all.
The colors meant for "Perfect Brows" are natural and organic. The pigment color in this method is injected into the epidermal layer of the skin, therefore the healing is quicker.
Less retouching will be needed because the body capsulates the pigment.

How does "Perfect Brows" method work?
It is a simple procedure.
The most common question is: "Did it hurt?" and the most common answers are: "It wasn`t bad at all", "I fell asleep", "Tweezing hurts more".
The main goal is achieving natural brows look. Over the years, thanks to all researches, we have found the most proper needles - 7 prong hand method needles. The needle configuration is created special for "Perfect Brows" Hand Method. They have to be gently placed in the skin, then scooted slightly forward and gently rolled and lifted off from the front needle to the needle in the back to deposit the color. The natural shades are easy to be achieved.
By using "Perfect Brows" you can avoid yours or your customers discomfort, because you are controlling the speed. If for any reason you or your customer feel uncomfortable, you can slow down your lift off.

PM-406 P.M. Hand Method KIT includes:

Our Permanent Makeup Hand Method Kit contains everything you need for a professional work.
It is the perfect kit for those who are new in the world of the Permanent Makeup and it includes all of the basic materials and supplies to
assure your success.

10 Seven Prong Needles (for 10 customers)
4 Liquid Color Pigments (eyebrow colors)
4 Powder Color Pigments (eyebrow colors)
1 Handpiece for needles (needle holder)
1 Educational DVD
1 Combo Brush
1 Tweezer
1 Plexi stand for pigment containers + Finger Ring
1 Scissors
10 Pigment color containers
1 Aluminium case

EBC "Perfect Brows" Permanent Makeup Hand Method is the gentlest and easiest way to implant color pigment into the skin. The exclusive EBC "Perfect Brows" needles configuration is designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touchups, 100% disposable.

Very important - the NATURAL final LOOK

Thanks to the 7 prong needle configuration, you can easily achieve the most natural look, that you have ever seen. Natural shades are easy to be done.

Permanent Makeup - Easier than you think

EBC "Perfect Brows" Permanent Makeup Manual Method is best discribed as a process, where are used several fine needles, which are dipped into the pigment and then applied into the skin. This method is cntrolled, gentle and safe. There is less pain compared to the traditional Permanent Makeup methods, the skin recovers faster,

Is it safe?

The EBC "Perfect Brows" is a quite safe procedure. The color pigments are fresh and made from a natural ingrendients. The materials are disposable.


Brows colors are: Honey brown, Light Golden Brown, Golden Brown, Dark Golden Brown, Brown Black. Our powders help you to make the colors even more natural. Also it is easy to make the color deep and to draw shades and demensions. You can also mix the colors between them for receiving the desired one.

How to choose the perfect color?

You can start from choosing the nearest color to your customers brows color. If you have to mix, you have to start with the lighter color and then add slowly the darker pigment drop by drop.

Color Test

Take a toothpick and dip it into the pigment. Then lift it out and place the toothpick near the skin area, where you are going to apply permanent makeup. Do not smear the toothpick, just gently blot on the skin and see if the color matches to the brown color.


We highly recommend you to make a path test before you start the procedure. The path test is not necessary only for avoiding alergic reactions, but because you will have the chance to test if the chosen color is the best choice for your customer. Ashenning can appear. This depends on the chemistry skin reaction.
Path test meanse to actually tattoo a little bit color to the area that you attend to make permanent makeup (1 week before the appointment for a full procedure). Then after a week, compare the color on the skin with the color that you used on the test and see if there is difference.
If the color is lighter than it was in the path test, this means that the customer has very strong blue under the sking (undertone). Then you have to use color from the warm palette. Brows should be tested on the brows area.

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