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Eyelash Extensions (info)

What is "Magic Lashes" Eyelash Extension method?
"Magic Lashes " Eyelash Extension method is a totally new way to extend the length and the thickness of your eyelashes. The fake eyelashes are applying hair-by-hair basis to your own lashes for a natural look.

How long does it last?
When properly applied, "Magic Lashes" can last up to two months or more. Touch-ups method is recommended after the second / third / or fourth week after the application to full the places where the fake eyelashes might have fallen off. Properly applied lashes last till the cycle of the natural lash grouth finishes.

What is the difference between J, C & D curl ?
The lashes curve. The most curved is curl "D", the less curved is curl "J" , curl "C" is medium curved. If we have to make a table from the most curved to the less curved, it will look like that: D;C;J.

How do I care for my "Magic Lashes" Lash Extensions?
You mustn`t rub or scratch your eyes. Don`t use creams, eye makeup removers, lotions or cleaners, containing oil - they may cause loosen the bond. You may only apply crem sparingly, avoiding the lash arae.

Who can apply "Magic Lashes" Eyelash Extensions?
A licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician, permanent makeup technician or beautician, who can provide an eyelash extension service.

How can I learn to work with "Magic Lashes" Eyelash Extensions ?
An instructional video is provided free of charge with the purchase for a starter kit. Generally, 3-5 practice sessions are required before mastering the technique with enough skills to work on a customer.

How many customers will one kit serve?
Starter kit serves approximately 300 customers when it is used properly. Pro-Kit serves approximately 800 customers. Only one drop of glue is required per client and 30 to 40 lashes.

Why does the kit include four lengths of lashes?
Four lengths are recommended to create the most natural, feathery and thick look. Longer lashes can be used towards the center or at the corner of the eye, depends on the look you aim to achieve.

Is a patch test required to check for skin reaction?
No patch test is required, because te glue and the eyelashes do not contact the skin.

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