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Happy Customer - ITALY

Hi Vitek, thank you lot for the speed of the shipment, the package arrived intact, all excellent.. thank you very much for the courtesy in the dispatch of mail with Italian translation and for the support and advice and dati.mi will put in the future always to you for the material to work, I thank and cordially greet.- Raimonda

Hi Vitek,ringrazio tantissimo per la velocità della spedizione,il pacco è arrivato integro,tutto ottimo..grazie tante per la cortesia nell'invio delle mail con traduzione italiana e per il supporto e i consigli dati.Mi rivolgerò in futuro sempre a voi per il materiale da lavoro, RINGRAZIO E CORDIALMENTE SALUTO.-Raimonda

Happy Customer - The Netherland

Hello Vitek
Just to let you know, i just received the eyelashes and it all looks great.
Hope to do more business soon.

Regards, Martine

Happy Customer - United Kigdom

Hello Vitek
I thought your products were excellent, I will be ordering more within the next few weeks as there are a few of my family and friends whom I have shown the product too are very impressed. There is no other product like this in UK at the moment so I will be taking orders from them.
Kind regards - Jannette

Happy Customer - Italy

Hi Vitek,

Thank you very much for asking. I think the products I received are Excellent. I like the quality of the lashes. I will definitely be placing more orders in the Future.
The glue can be very expensive, so I am very happy with the quality of the glue.
Good doing business with you. Keep Up the Good value for Money !

Kind Regards Elena

Less Happy Customer - Czech Republic

Dear Vitek, except for the fact, that I paid for express shipping to get it as soon as possible after I have made the order, and it took 1 month, I am very satisfied with the products. Hopefully, my next order will come to me earlier :-) ..
Kind regards, Martina

Yes Martina right , the main problem was the holidays time of Christmas and New Year , but we are trying to find better solution for delivery time.

Vitek Arnon - EBC export manager

Happy Customer - Italy

Dear Vitek,
I try your glue and your eyelashes, and I said you are very good the products,
only one, into the case of eyelashes, there are was various size and length ?
Kind regards Monica


Dear Monica I'm apologize about it, sometimes it's happened when we filling into the packaging.

Happy Customer - Cyprus

Hello Mr. Vitek ,

I would like to inform you that everything you send to me was just fine.
I went through your site and I would like to ask you if you have colored gels also because I couldn't find any at your web site. If you do, please send me the catalogue.
Thank you very much - Simona

Happy Customer - Belgium

Hello Vitek Arnon ,

I have try 3 colors and i like it , the black brown was also beautiful on the eyes , now il would like to order the whole black color , but is it possible to order powders for the eye and the lip colors ?

The packaging is very good , it is nice and clean for working to , yes I could say that il be happy that il make the changing from products

I am sorry that my English is not so well but il try to do my very best

Kindly regards


Happy Customer - Italy

Hi vitek
Thank you for all today I have received the product very professional , thanks for the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET-MSDS all is good see you soon good week.

Wishing best Roberta

Happy Customer - France

Hello Vitek,
we test half of them they are very good . we are very very interested in this pigments. When could you come to visit us ?

Regards Corinne

Happy Customer - Austria

Dear Vitek!

A little late but I wish you a happy new year!

Which products are you talking about - the glue I ordered some time ago?

Well, I'm quite satisfied with it. Its a good glue - better than the one my lash design trainer from Austrian lash academy was using and better than the glue I had on my eyes when I was getting lashes from someone who worked with the glue from Extreme Lashes company.

Greetings Lisa

Less Happy Customer -United Kigdom

Hello vitek,

Yes i did recieve products and they are very good, although the glue is not as good as some i have used !!!
kindest regards,



Hi Maria first thanks for your honesty opinion , I'm very surprise the glue not so good because statistically we receive best feedback for the glue. So I checked what glue you receive it was odor-less pink cap. I want inform you that we have two kinds of glue one of them it's power glue with purple cap stronger from odor-less maybe this is a reason.

Best Regards Vitek Arnon

Happy Customer -Italy

Salve, volevo confermare l'arrivo dei prodotti sono favolosi in quanto ho gia provato il terra cotta medium sulle labbra e' bellissimo. grazie saluti Iaria

------------ Translation to English --------------------------------------------------------------

Hello, I wanted confirm the arrival of the products are fabulous as I have already tested the terra cotta medium on the lips and the beautiful. Thank you. greetings Ilaria

Happy Customer -Poland

Ja nie wykonuje przedluzania rzes ale szefowa mówila ze jest bardzo zadowolona z kleju, ze jest super. Co do reszty to chyba wszystko jest ok bo nikt sie nie skarzyl

Pozdrawiam Justyna

------------ Translation to English --------------------------------------------------------------

I shall not extend eyebrows but our head manager said that she is very pleased with adhesive, that is super. For the rest everything is ok because no one aug complained about nothing.

Regards Justyna

Happy Customer -Finland

Hi Vitek, and many thanks for beautyful lashes,what you did sent for me around month ago. My customers have been so happy for quality and curve ( d-lashes) Now I am looking for different lenghts 6,7,9,10,12,14mm in C and D curve?

Best Regards

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